Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to get together with one of the members of the Trayn’d Bandes for dinner.   Over dinner, we caught up on things happening in our lives, what our mutual friends were up to, and inevitably, discussing the Bandes, and what we were looking forward to for this season.    The main part of the topic was the discussion of what new things we were planning on making for the season, particularly clothing.   We shared our plans of what we wanted to make and create, but we found ourselves on the specific topic of costuming versus clothing.   We talked how those words are used synonymously, and how there is a difference in historical costuming and historical clothing.    My friend spoke to the fact, that he was now aiming to create clothing as opposed to costuming.   But the question I still ask is:

What is the difference?  

Both words are used a great deal in the worlds that the Trayn’d Bandes live in.   We travel and perform at renaissance faires, but we also participate in re-enactment events and many of us are involved in the living history community.  In all three communities, we find ourselves putting on clothing/costuming that transports us into a different time period, and in most situations, a different character.    We have friends and acquaintances from all over the United States, who boast to being either a costumer or a re-enactor.   Additionally there is a level of pride sought out in both camps as to what is the “best”.   Occasionally there are times that someones nose turn in the air as to the choice of word used, whether it be costuming v. clothing.   But again…What is the difference?   

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of the blog post next week.