“Join us…….. Leave your fields to flower
Join us…….. Leave your cheese to sour
Join us…….. Come and waste an hour or two
Journey……. Journey to a spot ex-citing, mystic and exotic
Journey…….. Through our anecdotic revue
We’ve got magic to do…….. Just for you
We’ve got miracle plays to play
We’ve got parts to perform…. Hearts to warm
Kings and things to take by storm
As we go along our way”
Leading Player – PIPPIN

The lyrics to this song came across my mind, when a friend of mine posted on her Facebook status that there was, “Magic to Do.  Bring on the weekend” .   Her statement was connected to the fact tomorrow begins the first of the five weekends of rehearsal, which will lead up to the opening of the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

On the first morning of rehearsals, there is an electricity in the air, something that makes you feel different.  Your senses are heightened.  You’re more alert.   You’re more lighthearted.  You feel a little more alive.   And you feel the magic of a place so many people consider a second home.
But what is that magic? 
Is it the streets lined with buildings that take us to another time and place?
Is it the sounds of joy and laughter as we share old stories and create new ones?
Is it the hugs that you get when you see friends that you haven’t seen for months?
Is it seeing or hearing something that brings a smile to your face, as you remember a funny inside joke or a fond memory?
What is that magic?   
I believe it’s all of those things and more.
For me, it is hearing the drum cadence for the first time and the unified sound of twenty sets of feet marching as one.
It’s finding a spot on a bench under the large tree in camp, and watching our new recruits play games with our vets.
It’s seeing the statue of St.Michael in front of the Cock and Weasel guarding our men and women, and keeping us safe.
It’s being in a place where I found people that push me, love me and embrace me no matter what.

The reasons are different for every person.
That’s what makes it so magical.

We get the honor and privilege to spend our next five weekends working hard and playing hard alongside each other; bringing our reasons and our talent and our energy to create a different world.
All with the goal of  bringing it to life for everyone who enters Bristol in five weeks time.
That’s the magic.
Join us.