As the weather turns and the temperature increases, one cannot help but have their mind turn to the summer.   The sound of the cadance can be heard in the distance, and the warm summer winds bring memories of summers past.  One can find themselves flipping through old pictures, remembering moments we have laughed, played, cried and created experiences we will never forget.

While those photos bring a smile to my face, I find myself looking at photos of the things that we walk past every day and take for granted.  A mug on a table, the pan of a musket, a rack of pikes or a game left half played.    I have put together my top ten favorite photos, and I thank the photographers who captured them.












To save one of these photographs on a desktop or laptop: hover the cursor over the picture, right-click, and select “save image as…” from the menu. On a smartphone: tap and hold the photo, and select “save image.” If you’re unsure of how to then change the background on your phone, not to worry.  It’s simple for both iPhone and Android.

Hopefully this tides you over for the next couple of months until the gates open wide at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

– Cheers –