The closing weekend of the Bristol Renaissance Faire is one that is always filled with so many emotions.   While we spend a good majority of our time with each other, we create such a strong community every summer with all of the other performers.  We truly become a city and a society, and as the gates close on Bristol on the last day, there is a bittersweetness that is unlike anything else.    As the gates close for the final time, it is unavoidable to reminisce about all of the experiences and  connections we have made with each other over the course of the summer.


Queens College

Thank you to Queens College for partnering history and education together every day!   What you do is so unqiue.   People do not expect to go to a renaissance faire and have the opportunity to learn something, but you give them that opportunity is so many ways.  Whether it is brass rubbing, embroidery, book binding, calligraphy or any number of lectures you offer, you truly are the embodiment of edutaining.

Thank you to Guild of St. Lawerence for making the delicious food that keeps the cast fueled, for bringing a smile to even the most serious pikemans face, for bringing us treats and putting doughnuts on the end of our pikes, and for showing the public another side of the Elizabethan middle class.  GO TEAM MIDDLE CLASS!

Thank you to the Guild of St. George for bring the story of Elizabeth Tudor’s court to life.  Thank you for being our next door neighbors at the bottom of the hill, for never minding how much smoke we create with our cannons, and for always showing us love and respect and for supporting our crazy ideas.

By the Sword, our incredible fight cast.  Your commitment to the story, the energy and the passion that you do it with is remarkable.  You are a joy to watch and we appreciate that we got to be a part of your story this year.


Pub Crawl

To the Pub Crawl for playing the wild and entertaining McGuinness Family who shows our patrons the finest pubs in Bristol, and for always bringing a song and a laugh with you.   We are happy that you were made legal citizens of Bristol and we won’t hold it against you that you are Irish.

The Fantastikals you bring such a magic with you wherever you go and your beauty is entrancing!  We loved having you come down the hill and hide in our garden, on the bridge and even our roof!  I know


At Your Service

At Your Service…you crazy bunch of Italians.   You never fail it making us laugh out loud.   Your literal translation of Lammas feast becoming the festival of Llamas (ears and all) and the armor drum jam were some of the greatest laughs we had in the encampment, and it was impossible without you.

Thank you to Kids Kingdom and Mouse Burrow for playing with and entertaining the children who come to Bristol and their families.   You have such an amazing ability, to make every child you come into contact with create a lasting and wonderful memory.

RenQuest – YOU bring adventure to life.   Creating such awesome quests for all those that accept the challenge is no small feat and it is astounding at how creative the quests become.

Thank you to the Denizens of Bristol and Dregs of Bristol who fill the streets who the hub bub, mystery and energy that a city has!   What you do is so unique and wonderful and it is amazing to watch people experience what you create.


Bristol Buskin Frolic

Thank you to Bristol Buskin Frolic for making music happen wherever you go, with your beautiful voices, music and joy. And all your bells!   Oh the bells…

Thank you to the Rovers for the energy, music and dance you bring to Bristol!   You are a small but elite cadre that create such a unique element of the city of Bristol.

Friends of Faire, without fail, you bring love and light  with you and showing it to the patrons and your fellow cast members is so truly wonderful.

Our directing staff and our stage managers.  You are the absolute best.  Truly there are absolutely no words to describe how fortunate and blessed we are to have you at the helm of the show.  You are phenomenal and we are so thankful for you.

Thank you to every single cast member we have had the privilege to work with this season!

We cannot wait until next summer when we bring the city of Bristol to life with you once again.

“Of all the money that e’er I had
I spent it in good company
And all the harm I’ve ever done
Alas it was to none but me
And all I’ve done for want of wit
To mem’ry now I can’t recall
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be to you all”

– Cheers –